Each year we offer apprenticeship spaces for folks who are interested in fully immersing themselves in farming. Where our WWOOF'ers only work 5-6 hours per day, our apprentices work full days with us, and take on a much greater amount of responsibility on the farm's daily operation. Our apprentices are often asked to lead our WWOOF'ers in activities, as well as being able to be dependable on solo tasks. If you're interested in learning more, please see our profile on the MOFGA Apprenticeship website, we're "OXF-09".

We are currently looking to fill one more apprenticeship position for the 2019 season.

What Our Apprentices Say

“I went into my apprenticeship having a very detailed, clear, and exciting picture in my head. This was not because I was an experienced farm hand, had previously apprenticed on another farm or had some educational background in agriculture, nutrition or food systems. In fact, I had none of these experiences. I was totally green. I was so well informed and ready because the folks at Patch, through the application and interview process, did so much to make sure that expectations were clear, transparency was abundant and that I was comfortable going into my apprenticeship. Nonetheless, I was somehow still completely blown away.

Patch offers a immersive, educational, personal, inspiring and honest opportunity to take part in and contribute to a fully diversified organic family farm. The farm and homestead develops new aspects every year. Apprentices get to learn along side their mentors and craft their own experience by voicing their interests while having guidance on what to learn and when. Accommodating, practical, considerate, and understanding are words that come to mind. As an apprentice I not only worked with them, but I lived among them, ate the food they cooked, cooked the food we grew, helped keep the house clean, interacted with the community they are a part of, and I loved it.

I have become a more confident, competent, and capable farmer and human being - not to mention healthier (in body and mind!) - as a result of the time I have spent working with, learning from, and growing alongside of BrennaMae, Brandon, Nancy and Ainsley. What I admired most about their agricultural practices is the sheer amount they cared about the work they did and how they shaped that work to be as practical intentional as well as thoughtful as possible. The farm is a living, breathing, and evolving entity and I can't believe it is only going into its 5th season.

Directly and indirectly they taught me more than I thought possible in only a year and a half. The educational apprenticeship at Patch Farm allowed me to learn anything I have wanted to learn on top of a lot of things I didn't know that I didn't know, didn't know I wanted to learn, or didn't know that I should want to learn! My experience on this family run, community oriented, environmentally mindful, forward thinking, intentionally directed farm has changed the course of my life. That is not the expectation of an apprenticeship program, but is the experience that I had with people I know I can call life long mentors and friends.”
Zak, Vegetable Apprentice, June 2nd, 2017 - March 1, 2019

“Being an apprentice at Patch Farm was a huge learning opportunity - as the half animal half veggie apprentice I had the joy of learning about every aspect of the farm from both Brenna Mae and Brandon. The days were long and the work was strenuous but that’s what farming is all about! Highlights included but are not limited to: Goat kids, meditatively tending to tomato plants, and learning how to drive a tractor!!!”
Katherine, Animal/Vegetable Apprentice 2018