Whole & Half Hog

Fill up the freezer, cut how you want, save some money!

By far the best deal on buying pork (or any meat!) is buying the whole animal. In 2019, we’re offering whole and half hog options for folks looking to fill their freezer with high quality pork and save some money in the process.

Whole Hogs $4.25/lb (hanging weight)
Half Hogs $4.50/lb (hanging weight)
+ butcher fees $180 (kill + process)
+ smoking $1.00/lb
*please note, butcher fees are subject to change

Our pigs typically come in at roughly 200 lbs. hanging weight. So when all is said an done you’re looking at roughly $800 for a whole hog and $400 for a half hog, before butcher + smoking fees, which typically add $200-300.

Whole hog deposits are $200, and half hog deposits are $100. Please fill out the form below and then mail a check to: Patch Farm 570 East Main Street, Denmark, Me 04022. If you prefer to purchase online, you can do so on our pork products page, but please note the prices are higher to build in transaction fees.

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