In addition to the vegetables and fruits that we grow, we raise a variety of livestock on the farm. Keeping livestock allows us to offer a diverse offering to our community, and has the added benefit of providing fertility, upkeep, and general enjoyment to our land and our lives.



We raise heritage breed pigs, usually a Large Black x Tamworth cross. They are kept mostly in the woods, and afforded a little bit of pasture at times. Pigs thrive in a wooded environment, where they are able to find cooler temperatures and wallow, forage on acorns and shrubs, and just be themselves. We feed them Certified Organic grain from Morrison's in VT, a little spent barley from MOAT Brewery, milk and whey from our goats, and a rotating smorgasbord of fruits & vegetables from our farm. Needless to say, they eat pretty darn well! See the links below for more information how to get our pork.

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* Please note: We greatly prefer selling offline, face to face. We are charged roughly 6% in transaction fees if bought online, so we bake that into our prices on our website. Please make every effort to purchase/pay in person, either at our farm or at one of our farmers' markets. *


Laying Hens

We keep about 300 laying hens that are certified Organic by MOFGA. They have a fenced pasture (roughly 10,000 sq. ft) that is rotated around our fields multiple times per week, and they are locked up at night in a mobile coop. We supplement their pasture with an organic grain ration, calcium, and grit. The result is some pretty tasty eggs from some very happy hens.



We grow around 500 broilers each season, raised in a similar fashion as the laying hens. We raise Freedom Rangers, which grow a little slower, but are infinitely more active than the traditional Cornish Cross. Our birds are penned up at night in a handful of movable huts, and then allowed out into a fenced in pasture each day. This "day-range" system allows the Freedom Rangers to actively forage for grass and grubs, and makes for a really nice pasture-raised chicken.



Our herd of dairy goats has been steadily growing over the past few years, and we'll be offering dairy products (cheese, cajete, and yogurt) from them in 2019. We have a rag-tag group of mostly Saanen & Nubian, with a sprinkle of Alpine mixed in. They're a fun bunch of ladies who also get moved around the pasture every couple days.