Since 2014 we have hosted countless WWOOFers (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) on our farm to help us with our daily chores and work. Our workers help us with nearly all aspects of the farm and homestead, from tending to animals, seeding, transplanting and harvesting our veggies, to canning and preserving the fruits of our labor. They live and work alongside us, often becoming honorary members of the family. If you're interested in WWOOF'ing, please check out our profile and then shoot us an email.

Here are some of the kind words from our WWOOFers:

Haley - October 2017
"Patch is such a wonderful place. I really felt at home here. BrennaMae and Brandon are wonderful teachers and are able to instill so much knowledge in a short amount of time. They are always upfront about their expectations and never ask too much of someone. They are easy to talk to and are some of the most entertaining people I've met. Even the dullest chores can be turned into all out fits of laughter from BrennaMae's antics or Brandon's spot on jokes. I loved getting to sit down to family-style dinners and lunches with everyone each day. I always felt supported and accepted while here. Patch is such a neat and special place. Spending the last four months here has impacted me deeply. I now know how to cook, harvest a variety of veggies, process chickens, plant crops, and the list could go on. Beware: I came here a vegetarian. I did not leave a vegetarian. (The food is just that good!)"

Kenna - September 2017
"I wanted to be a wwoofer to be emersed physically and mentally in the world of organic farming. I came to Patch Farm with these expectations and got so much more. It's been a few weeks now and I am still reeling from the experience. Brennamae, Brandon, Nancy, and Ansley (and the apprentices and other wwoofer I was lucky to be there with:) are an incredible family with an incredible amount of knowledge. I learned a copious amount of farming skills and life skills. My endless questions were always answered with enthusiasm. Having been wwoofers themselves, Brandon and Brennamae were so well organized with the logistics, duties, household chores, sleeping, etc. It made things so clear and therefore fun. We worked hard ( family works even harder!) but off time was always respected. I can't say enough nice things about this wondrous farm! It's a magical place. I feel so lucky to have met all the inhabitants at Patch!"

Riley - July 2017
"I came to Patch expecting to be there for only one month, but ended up staying for four. I'm glad I had the wits about me to do so, not only because waiting out the unusually cold, wet spring rewarded me with one of the most beautiful summers I've ever experienced, but especially because staying made me some of the most significant friendships of my life. When I started I was a total rookie in the world of vegetable production, but BrennaMae, Brandon, and Nancy have left me feeling more educated than I ever imagined I would be within such a short time. There's always, always more to learn with agriculture, but I'm honored to consider Patch as an essential foundation of my own farming education. The apprentices and other WWOOFers are the best of the best and there were endless laughs to be had with them out in the fields or during the long drives to Maine's incredible farm workshops. Also, not enough can be said about Ainsley, the farm's resident wunderkind. She's the smartest, toughest, funniest kid you'll ever meet, and she'll teach you how to dance, too! Thank you, Patch farm fam, I love you all!"

Melanie - October 2016
"I WOOFed at Patch Farm for two weeks in August and it was incredible. The tasks were varied and fun. The food was delicious. The sunrises were magic, as were the afternoon runs and swims and ice cream trips. Most importantly, the people of Patch -- BrennaMae, Brandon, Nan and Lex -- are one of a kind: generous, warm and super knowledgeable. Educating and engaging woofers is a real priority for them, and every day was rewarding. I can't say enough good things about Patch Farm. I cannot wait to go back."

Sarah and Eliza - September 2016
"My partner and I WWOOFed on Patch Farm last summer and are still talking about the amazing experience we had almost a year later! We were welcomed into the Patch Farm family immediately and started calling the farm house "home" just weeks after settling in. BrennaMae, Brandon, and Nan are all incredibly knowledgable and bring immense passion to everything they do. Eliza and I loved running the goats in the morning, watching the sunrise, beekeeping and cutting herbs with Nan, blueberry picking, going to the Farmers' Market, playing with Ainsley, and exploring the area (there are 3 ice cream shops and a couple lakes!) during our two-month stay. We learned so much and will never forget the experience. We definitely recommend this farm to anyone looking to learn a lot, work hard, and meet amazing people along the way!"

Michelle - September 2016
"My three weeks at patch were filled with fabulous learning experiences. BrennaMae & Brandon resourcefully run a bustling, small, family farm. Their kindness, creativity, and efficiency, lend the perfect environment for WWOOFers to learn, and work in. Their ambition and energy was contagious! Oh, and the food, which we took turns preparing, was always amazing. Patch Farm, including Ainsley, Nan, and Lex, is a very special place."

Jake - August 2016
"I WWOOFed at Patch Farm this summer for 4 incredible weeks. I don't even know where to start to describe my experience - Patch farm is a lovely, diversified family farm with so many different things to do around vegetable growing, tending to animals, as well as helping out with farmers markets and food preservation. The location is amazing; close to countless lakes and great hikes - from short hour-long walks to all day treks. But most importantly, BrennaMae, Brandon, and Nancy are one of the most genuine, kind, hardworking people I have ever had the privilege to meet. They have taught me, inspired me, made me laugh: I look at my month at Patch farm as such a special time. And little Ainsley is a blast! I cannot wait to come back someday!"

Catie - July 2016
"I WWOOFed for the first time at Patch Farm and it was the perfect place to experience farm life. BrennaMae and Brandon welcomed me and other WWOOFers into their family and truly included us in their lives and farm. They shared their deep knowledge of organic farming and living a sustainable lifestyle. Any question I asked was always met with an honest and robust answer--which deepened my understanding of organic farming. I worked on many different tasks including planting out, cleaning out stalls, feeding pigs and chickens, collecting eggs, and much more. This gave me a wide range of experiences and responsibilities. I felt that my work was essential to the farm and valued. I really enjoyed planting out a majority of the crops and learning about BrennaMae and Brandon's vision for the farm and holistically sustainable lifestyle. Not a day has gone by where I don’t think about my amazing summer experience at Patch Farm, and it is my hope that I can go back and WWOOF there again."

Maria - July 2016
"I WWOOFed at Patch farm just after graduation and had an amazing time with BrennaMae, Brandon, and the rest of the Patch people. Even though I came to Patch with zero farming experience, everyone helped me learn and get up to speed with how the farm works. As a plant biologist, I came to learn about small-scale organic farming and was not disappointed. I learned so much more about farming and agriculture (and sustainable living!) while WWOOFing than I ever could in a classroom. Also, BrennaMae and Brandon make an awesome effort to invite their WWOOFers to visit other farms and meet their friends. Maine was a great location to WWOOF, with lots of opportunities for hiking and exploring the surrounding lake region. Living quarters at Patch were incredible. Lots of privacy and space. Great people and fond memories for a lifetime! Thanks, Patch <3"

Carol - October 2015
"I had a wonderful time helping out at Patch Farm for two weeks. BrennaMae and Brandon are busy, dedicated, hard working individuals who were patient with me when it came to my basic understanding of farming. It's so inspiring to see young people balancing family and work! I appreciated the fact that BrennaMae, Brandon, and the other WWOOFers took the time to explain the tasks at hand, and I especially enjoyed BrennaMae's trivia questions; but my favorite was looking for Hornworms! They were very clear about the expectations and I was never met with any surprises or task that I didn't feel comfortable completing. I enjoyed the consistent workload and always felt that the hours flew by. I really felt that my time here was too short (I left right as I was getting the hang of most things!) I would love to come back and spend more time here. Thank you Patch Farm!"

Kristy - April 2015
"My time spent at Patch Farm was the most amazing two weeks. BrennaMae and Brandon are thoughtful and fun folks to work with, even mucking out goat pens was a fun activity when I had them around. They have a great vision and passion for farming and are truly living it out. I was included in their social times with another great young couple just getting into farming and with their cute toddler Ainsley around there was never a dull moment. One of my favourite parts of their farm is the whiteboard, where future plans, daily tasks and reminders are there for everyone to be on the same page - amazing organisation at this place! I helped on a variety of tasks, felt like my contributions were really valued (check out the greenhouse sides!) and learnt a bunch about vege and animal raising through many conversations. The wwoofer side of the house is cosy, the food tasty and wholesome, can't wait to go back!"

Cora - July 2014
"Patch Farm was such a wonderful first experience WWOOFing. BrennaMae and Brandon were so welcoming. We felt like a part of their family the week we were there and were so grateful for all the wonderful meals and great lodging. They were always willing to teach and help with whatever we needed. We felt we left with new friends and a great understanding of what it means to run an organic farm. I would go back and do it again in a heartbeat!"

Abs and Kate - August 2014
"Sweet farm, smart farmers. Every day was worth while at the Patch Farm: Brandon and BrennaMae are lighthearted hard workers, willing to take the time to teach. We learned a great deal, had enough time for ourselves (afternoons, Sundays and Mondays), and hope to return as soon as we can."